Premium Mentoring is suitable for high-level business leaders and owners of
larger organisations needing longer-term support.

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High-level leaders face a unique set of challenges and responsibilities that may require additional high-level support and mentoring.

This premium offering is designed to give you the one-on-one attention you need to help you become a more magnetic, inspirational and integrated leader.

An integrated leader looks like this: deeply connected to themselves and those around them, open and receptive, trusting the flow and energy of life, sharing their deepest gifts with the world with a strong sense of Presence.

Through the one-on-one sessions you will be given Teachings, Practices, Activations, Meditations and Frameworks to learn, experience and apply to your unique challenges and demands.


Working with Bodhi I had a profound and massive shift. His Presence and his processes, tools and models allowed things to float to the surface, things were unearthed and able to be dissolved. I have created so much more wealth and feel like the handbrake has been taken off and I am truly experiencing a sense of freedom. Bodhi has a style that allowed me to address all aspects of my life - business, family, health and wealth. I feel so much more on Purpose in my life and I am much more present for my family, staff and my team.

Rupen Kotecha
CEO, WA Leaders


Bodhi brings his wonderfully insightful, calm and non-judgemental presence to each interaction as he gently breaks experiences down into quite explainable and modifiable behaviours. I highly recommend Bodhi as a coach for men wondering who they are, what makes them tick and how this can improve their business and personal lives.

Josh Passenger


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