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As an International Leadership Coach and Speaker, Bodhi was invited to co-author a leadership book which brought together 15 influential male leaders around the world. Bodhi’s oldest son Jacob, who also coaches business around the world, is a co-author as well.

The request came because one of the questions leaders, organisations and business owners are wrestling with is:

"What is the masculine and feminine energy and how does it impact my people and the business?"

In a time of diversity and inclusion, the realisation is that this is not just about gender or race. This is about really becoming aware of what makes my people and my business tick.

In Bodhi’s chapter he covers the key aspects of integrating the masculine and feminine energy in ourselves and in the workplace.

Jacob enhances that by focusing very much on "How" we implement these critical aspects in a practical way.

As a bestselling book in over 5 countries, this is a valuable read for any leader who wants to understand the cutting edge of their people and their business.


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