A 3 Month Group Experience for Male Business Owners & Leaders

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Do you find yourself constantly in a place of distraction and have difficulty being present? Is this affecting your relationships - with your partner, with your children?
Distraction is one of the ways we resist life which can lead to stress, overwhelm and disconnection. Would you rather a sense of flow, connection and joy in life?

The biggest addiction in the Western World is our thinking mind. And our thinking mind is addicted to distraction.

We’re always looking for distraction. Whether it’s reaching for a phone, for a substance, for exercise or sport, for television or food, whatever our addictions are…

Most men in the western world live life through this lens of distraction which leads to disconnection, estranged relationships, stress and eventual burnout.

The biggest asset you have as a man is your attention. Where your attention goes, your energy flows.

How do you take ownership of your attention to get more Present? To show up for yourself? To be Present for your beloved? To get Present with your children?

One of the most attractive things to the feminine is a man who is Present. And one of the things children need most from their Dad is this feeling of safety provided by you being more Present with them.


“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
― Maya Angelou


The key to understanding attention is creating the space to know yourself. To know your true self. What you do is not who you are. We’re human beings, not human doings.. and to become more Present, we need to reconnect with our being.

Part of what Bodhi teaches men, through some very simple practices, is how to get back into our bodies. The key with Presence is cultivating Embodied Presence. All traditional cultures knew this. The practices Bodhi teaches work directly with key Activation Points in the body.

When you can embody Presence, you will become more grounded, aware and attentive. You’re not going to reach for the distractions. You’re going to have more choice; more attention as to where you’re putting your energy. You’re going to have more freedom.

Reducing distraction and cultivating Presence will transform your relationships, particularly your most intimate relationships - with your beloved and with your children.

When you can become more Present, you also begin to experience more flow in life... Flow is a state where you are fully immersed in the present moment with a feeling of energized focus, involvement and ease. Through the practice of developing Presence, you can take this experience into all areas of your life.


If you master Embodied Presence, you will create the life you’re looking for
– whatever it is – relationships, intimacy, health, wealth, career, business…
it’s an inside out job.


Through Bodhi’s ground-breaking integration of contemporary leadership development and traditional wisdom, he will guide you on a Three Month Group Program from Distraction to Presence.

Through a series of proven Practices, Frameworks and Activations, Bodhi will bring your awareness to the root cause of your distraction and guide you to develop a daily practice for cultivating Embodied Presence.

This program is a prerequisite for Bodhi's Leadership Mastery Program because developing Embodied Presence is THE essential foundational practice for any deeper work around leadership, career and wealth.


"Bodhi was introduced to me at a time in my life where I was deeply looking at what it means to be man in todays world, balancing the pressures of work and family with my own introspection and spiritual path. Like many men, I was confused for a long time, pushing away from toxic masculinity while looking for a gentler approach in life. Through Bodhi’s coaching program, I was guided not to a “far off place” where the secrets of masculinity were held, but rather a space deep within where I have been able to touch who I really am and allow the true nature of my being to shine more brightly. This has had such a profound impact in my life, allowing me to walk taller, be gentler, and transform both personal and professional relationships in my life."

Andrew Millson
Managing Executive: Human Capital & Sustainability, Food Lovers Market


“Bodhi has been an important  mentor to me over the years. During this time, he has guided and supported me on my journey. As an extension of our one on one work, I was invited to take part in his group-based Program. This was certainly a step outside of my comfort zone in terms of sharing my truth with what at first were perceived to be a group of strangers. Bodhi was a strong advocate for the power of the group and my trust in him allowed me to step into that space. An experience that is likely to be echoed by all participants, who ultimately found a safe space and a group of like-minded men trying to find their way in the world. The group taught us that we were actually not alone on this journey we call life and our experiences and the highs and the lows are shared. The context is the same, it is just the content that differs. This in itself creates a new comfort zone and inner peace that I still enjoy to this day."

Adrian Dine,
Director & Structural Engineer, Ad.Structure

D2P Outcomes
The Power of Group Work

Bodhi offers this Program through group work. In his experience, spending time with a like-minded group of men enhances the transformation process, allowing participants to relate and grow through witnessing each other's challenges and breakthroughs.

This collective process enriches the experience beyond measure, fostering personal growth and a profound sense of connection.

Group numbers will be strictly limited.


Program Inclusions

What you receive when you join the Program:

>> 6 x 1.5 hour Group Teaching/Coaching Sessions (2 per month) - each session will include 30-45mins of Teaching and 45-60mins of Coaching. These sessions are recorded so you can rewatch them at any time.

>> 2 x 1.5 hour Bonus Sessions - a 'Meet & Greet' at the beginning and a 'Wrap Up' at the end of the Program.

>> Live Coaching - as part of the group session you will receive individual coaching supported by a group of men.

>> Guided Meditation Audio Files - that you can download to your phone for daily practice.

>> A Comprehensive Student Portal - that you can access online 24/7 where all live sessions, resources and meditations are accessible.

>> OPTIONAL 1on1 Coaching Upgrade - for an additional fee, you can choose to add 3 x 1HR 1on1 Coaching Sessions with Bodhi. Please note this is optional and not necessary to achieve the outcomes described.

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Numbers are strictly limited

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This 3 MONTH PROGRAM is designed for male business owners and leaders who have a longing to become more Present with themselves, with the ones they love, and as Leaders... and who want to experience greater connection, joy and flow in life. 

Run twice per year, from Nov-Feb, and May-July, this Program is a pre-requisite to Bodhi's 6 Month Leadership Mastery Program.

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