A 9 Month Group Experience for Male Business Owners & Leaders

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After the completion of Bodhi’s 'Distraction to Presence' Program or Private Mentoring, participants are invited to join this deep dive into leadership...

It’s time to become the best version of yourself and experience the Freedom you're longing for.

It is you. Your Presence. Your Energy. Your Truth. Your Commitment. Your ability to stay Centred no matter what… that will make you the leader you want to be; that will create the life, relationships and the business that you want. Leadership is an inside out job.

We will guide you through our unique, proven approach to Self-Leadership to create a life of Presence, Purpose, Passion and True Freedom.


Some of our Challenges as men...

What I know from 20 years of coaching and my own experience of being a married man with a mortgage, business and kids is there are a common set of challenges that tend to arise, particularly between the ages of 35-55.

If you are a driven, accomplished man, juggling the responsibilities of a successful career, a loving family, and the pursuit of personal fulfilment, you will likely be facing some (or all) of the following challenges....

>> Poor Work-Life Balance - Balancing the demands of a high-level career, family responsibilities, and personal time becomes a constant struggle.

>> Stress & Overwhelm - The weight of responsibilities, deadlines, and the pressure to succeed can lead to chronic stress and feeling overwhelmed.

>> Lack of Fulfilment - Despite professional success, there may be a sense of emptiness or dissatisfaction, feeling disconnected from personal passions and purpose.

>> Strained Relationships - The pursuit of professional success can strain relationships with family, friends and colleagues due to limited quality time and emotional availability.

>> Personal Development Stagnation - With a focus on career advancement and meeting financial responsibilities, personal growth may take a back seat, leading to stagnation.

>> Burnout & Exhaustion - Continuous high-stress levels, long working hours, and neglecting self-care can lead to burnout and physical/mental exhaustion.

>> Feelings of Isolation - The demands of leadership roles can create a sense of isolation, lacking peers who can understand the unique challenges you face.

>> A Longing for Freedom - Even if you love the life and business you've created there will be a part of you that longs for freedom. You don't know what this looks like but you know you want it.


The Outcomes of this Program...

The Leadership Mastery Program is specifically designed for successful men juggling their career, finances, intimate relationships and fatherhood. It will address each of the challenges outlined above and teach you fundamental life skills and practices to transform them at the root.

The Program is 9 months long because it takes 9 months for these profound transformations to take place...

LMP Outcomes

"Bodhi was introduced to me at a time in my life where I was deeply looking at what it means to be man in todays world, balancing the pressures of work and family with my own introspection and spiritual path.
Through Bodhi’s coaching program, I was guided not to space deep within where I have been able to touch who I really am and allow the true nature of my being to shine more brightly. This has had such a profound impact in my life, allowing me to walk taller, be gentler, and transform both personal and professional relationships in my life." - Andrew


"Through this Program, Bodhi taught me not just how to be a better leader but how to be a better man. It was a real right of passage for me. I have finally been taught how to feel my feelings, tell my truth, take responsibility and be totally committed to my life. My relationship has been transformed, I’m closer to my kids than ever before and my workplace and culture is so much healthier and happier leading to all sorts of new opportunities. Thank you Bodhi for this opportunity to be led by such a wise guide." - David

The Difference

Other leadership programs might cover strategy, communication, team building, leadership styles and techniques in the workplace.

This program is an inside out job. In 9 months it will transform you into a more Present, aware, engaged and joyful human being who feels more connected to their Purpose in life and more Passionate about everything that they do.

It will develop your mind, your energy and your Presence as a man and a leader at work, at play and at home.It transform your performance, your opportunities, your outcomes and most importantly, your relationships.

It will give you the Frameworks of understanding, the Practices, the Tools and the support of a loving community of like-minded men facing the same challenges that you are.

Why this works
Power of the Group

Many business owners and leaders feel lonely or isolated. Being able to come to an independent group to share challenges, aspirations, experiences and progress is incredibly powerful. It's even more powerful when the participants share a group mindset and language.

The fastest way to unwind limiting beliefs, triggers and blind spots is through relationship. This Program brings together like-minded men in a space that’s safe, non-judgemental and held by an expert facilitator. In this space men acknowledge, celebrate and support each other to thrive.

The group dynamic enhances the coaching process, allowing participants to relate and grow through witnessing each other's challenges and breakthroughs. This collective experience enriches the program beyond measure, fostering personal growth, mateship and a profound sense of connection.

Group numbers will be strictly limited.


In this video, the LMP guys share how they feel about the group - after 4 session together.


In this video from the wrap up session of the 2022 LMP, some of the guys share how they feel.

Program Inclusions

What you receive when you join the Program:

>> 9 x 1.5 hour Group TEACHING Sessions + 9 x 1.5 hour Group COACHING Sessions (2 sessions per month) - these are recorded so you can rewatch them at any time.

>> 2 x 1.5 hour Bonus Sessions - a 'Meet & Greet' at the beginning and a 'Wrap Up' at the end of the Program.

>> Live Coaching - as part of the group session you will receive individual coaching supported by a group of men.

>> Guided Meditation Audio Files - that you can download to your phone for daily practice.

>> Framework Video Files - so you can easily remind yourself at any time the details of Bodhi's key 6 x Frameworks.

>> A Comprehensive Student Portal - that you can access online 24/7 where all live sessions and resources are accessible.

>> An Accountability Buddy - we will pair you up with another participant so you can continue to support one another and keep each other accountable to your practices.

>> A WhatsApp Group  - a place to continuously support each other inbetween sessions.

Next Intake

The next Program begins:

MARCH 2024


Numbers are strictly limited & participants need to have completed 3MTHS of Private Mentoring or Bodhi's 3 MTH Distraction to Presence Program to take part. 

This 9 MONTH PROGRAM is designed for male business owners and leaders who have a longing to experience more in life... to deeply know themselves, to fully express themselves and really show up as leaders, husbands and fathers. It is for men who sense their natural desire for freedom and have realised the path to true freedom actually lies within.

If you're ready to walk this path, you will need a wise guide and a supportive tribe for your journey. This is what the Leadership Mastery Program will give you....

If you're currently working with Bodhi Privately or in a Group Program, you will be directly invited to join this Program.







Are you ready for true freedom?