Six Uniquely Crafted Private Sessions to Support You on Your Journey as a Man
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Bodhi's 1on1 Private Coaching Sessions are for men who have a longing to become more Present with themselves, with the ones they love, and as Leaders... and who want to experience greater connection, abundance, joy and flow in life.

You will experience 6 x Private Coaching sessions over about 12 weeks. In that time, Bodhi will cover the following themes, as they apply specifically to your life...


Session 1 – The Art of Masculine Presence

Most men don’t realise what it is to be fully Present and in their bodies. One of the biggest gifts we can give the feminine is the ability to connect more deeply with ourselves, contain our energy and be Present for the feminine


Session 2 – I’m Not Good Enough

Most men still operate from the wounded little boy who decided that, "I’m not good enough". This can often show up as a neediness from the masculine in their relationship with the feminine. Being able to heal this is a game changer for any healthy relationship.


Session 3 – Boundaries: What They Are and How to Maintain Them

In all intimate relationships a clear understanding of boundaries is vital to create a healthy, sustainable, long-term relationship.


Session 4 – Appreciation vs Feedback

Men excel and perform based on feedback. The deepest desire of the feminine is appreciation. When men understand the difference they can operate in a different way in their intimate relationships.


Session 5 – Communicating through the Masculine and Feminine

The neuroscience is clear that the feminine brain operates totally differently to the masculine brain. When men realise the difference, they can listen from a place of presence, give a different meaning to what is being communicated from the feminine and also understand a more powerful way to communicate with the feminine.


Session 6 – Choice

All behaviour comes from either fear or love. Working with men, what I know is, when they learn to love themselves and get more Present and grounded their choices are very different to when they come from a place of fear and lack.


Working with Bodhi I had a profound and massive shift. His Presence and his processes, tools and models allowed things to float to the surface, things were unearthed and able to be dissolved. I have created so much more wealth and feel like the handbrake has been taken off and I am truly experiencing a sense of freedom. Bodhi has a style that allowed me to address all aspects of my life - business, family, health and wealth. I feel so much more on Purpose in my life and I am much more present for my family, staff and my team.

Rupen Kotecha
CEO, WA Leaders

Bodhi brought me back to the present moment and my business has grown beyond what I expected, by realizing I have choice and how I show up as a leader each moment and every day has a bigger impact on my business. Bodhi’s style is a beautiful mix of commercial and personal. If you want someone beside you who has walked the path, Bodhi is the guy.

Jon Mailer
CEO, Protrade


Bodhi has the unique ability to meet you exactly where you're at - in that moment or season in your life; and impart tools and wisdom as if he was talking about the surf that day. I pull from what he's taught me every day, whether getting fully present with my son after a long day or when life tosses me a curveball. It is an absolute joy working with and learning from Bodhi.

Peter Culp




Program Inclusions

What you receive when you sign up for Private Coaching with Bodhi:

>> 6 x 1.5 hour Private Coaching Sessions over 12 weeks/3 months - these are recorded so you can rewatch them at any time.

>> Guided Meditation Audio Files - that you can download to your phone for daily practice.

>> A Comprehensive Student Portal - that you can access online 24/7 where all live sessions and resources and meditations are accessible.

This 6 SESSION PROGRAM is designed for male business owners and leaders. 

Availability is strictly limited and there may be a waitlist.

Following the completion of the 6 sessions you be invited to join Bodhi's 'Leadership Mastery Program'. 


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