Six Uniquely Crafted Private Sessions to Support You on Your Journey as a Man
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Session 1 – The Art of Masculine Presence

Most men don’t realise what it is to be fully Present and in their bodies. One of the biggest gifts we can give the feminine is the ability to connect more deeply with ourselves, contain our energy and be Present for the feminine


Session 2 – I’m Not Good Enough

Most men still operate from the wounded little boy who decided that, "I’m not good enough". This can often show up as a neediness from the masculine in their relationship with the feminine. Being able to heal this is a game changer for any healthy relationship.


Session 3 – Boundaries: What They Are and How to Maintain Them

In all intimate relationships a clear understanding of boundaries is vital to create a healthy, sustainable, long-term relationship.


Session 4 – Appreciation vs Feedback

Men excel and perform based on feedback. The deepest desire of the feminine is appreciation. When men understand the difference they can operate in a different way in their intimate relationships.


Session 5 – Communicating through the Masculine and Feminine

The neuroscience is clear that the feminine brain operates totally differently to the masculine brain. When men realise the difference, they can listen from a place of presence, give a different meaning to what is being communicated from the feminine and also understand a more powerful way to communicate with the feminine.


Session 6 – Choice

All behaviour comes from either fear or love. Working with men, what I know is, when they learn to love themselves and get more Present and grounded their choices are very different to when they come from a place of fear and lack.


"Bodhi was introduced to me at a time in my life where I was deeply looking at what it means to be man in todays world, balancing the pressures of work and family with my own introspection and spiritual path. Like many men, I was confused for a long time, pushing away from toxic masculinity while looking for a gentler approach in life.

Through Bodhi’s coaching program, I was guided not to a “far off place” where the secrets of masculinity were held, but rather a space deep within where I have been able to touch who I really am and allow the true nature of my being to shine more brightly. This has had such a profound impact in my life, allowing me to walk taller, be gentler, and transform both personal and professional relationships in my life."

Andrew Millson
Managing Executive: Human Capital & Sustainability, Food Lovers Market

Program Inclusions

What you receive when you join the Program:

>> 6 x 1.5 hour 1on1 Sessions (2 per month) - these are recorded so you can rewatch them at any time.

>> Guided Meditation Audio Files - that you can download to your phone for daily practice.

>> A Comprehensive Student Portal - that you can access online 24/7 where all live sessions and resources and meditations are accessible.

This 3 MONTH PROGRAM is designed for male business owners and leaders who have a longing to become more Present with themselves, with the ones they love, and as Leaders... and who want to experience greater connection, joy and flow in life. 

Availability is strictly limited and there may be a waitlist.

Following the completion of the 6 sessions you'll either be invited to join Bodhi's 'Distraction to Presence Program' or his 'Leadership Mastery Program'. 


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