2-4 OCTOBER 2023

Nature-Based Leadership Retreat for Men

Learn the three keys to embodied Presence, how to experience it, retain it and access it as a key part of your leadership and journey as a man.
Are you longing for a deeper connection with your true self?
Do you feel constantly rushed, distracted and controlled by your busy mind?
Do you feel like you are ever fully Present as a Leader or with your loved ones?


A journey from distraction to Presence, harnessing the power of nature...

If you've ever been around someone with Presence, you will experience a calm, grounded, centred person. Someone who can walk into a room and make an impact in a gentle, authentic way. Have you ever experienced this?

Presence is the internal state of connection with self that radiates our true essence to all around us. It is the one thing underpinning the evolution of Leadership and is the key to being a better colleague, friend, husband and father; to being a better man.

Presence can be cultivated... because it is within all of us, already. We have just lost touch with this deep, quiet part of ourselves.

All traditional cultures understood the transformative power of peak experiences through connection with nature, knowing it gives you access to your true essence. Time in nature is the most powerful way to unwind the mind, open our hearts, get in our bodies and embody Presence.

This transformational retreat is specifically designed for male business owners and leaders who have a longing for more. A longing to be more Present with themselves, as Leaders, and with the ones they love. And a longing to fully express themselves in this life.

A transformational group experience based on BEING, instead of more doing.

How many courses have you taken and books have you read, only to find that nothing really changes?

True change doesn't come solely from knowledge; it emerges from grounded experience. Our Nature-Based Leadership Retreat for Men offers you the opportunity to transcend mere theory... and embrace the power of immersive encounters with nature.

Other leadership retreats might cover strategy, communication, team building or leadership techniques. Or, they might fill the time with hard-core activities.

This retreat is different. It is a BEING retreat, not a doing retreat. Through a variety of powerful practices and immersive activities, you will become a more Present, aware, engaged and joyful human being. In just three days.

You will develop your mind, your energy and your power as a man and a leader - at work, at play and at home. As a result, you will transform your magnetism and influence as a leader, your performance, your opportunities and most importantly, your relationships.

Unwind your mind, embody Presence and unlock your potential...

If you're ready to break free from the distracted mind and limiting beliefs holding you back, if you're committed to living your best life and becoming the best leader you can be, then this retreat is your gateway to sustainable change.

Bodhi Aldridge, a renowned expert in Presence-based leadership, will guide you through a journey of self-discovery, helping to reconnect you to your true essence; to remember who you really are.

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What to Expect at the Nature-Based Leadership Retreat:

IMMERSIVE NATURE EXPERIENCES: Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of the pristine natural woodland outside Bath, England. Let nature be your guide as you engage in transformative practices designed to reconnect you with your true essence.

GUIDED REFLECTION AND SELF-EXPLORATION: Through powerful guided exercises and reflective practices, you'll delve deep into your true essence, shedding the layers of distraction, resistance and fear that have hindered your personal and professional growth.

COMMUNITY AND CONNECTION: Join a group of like-minded male leaders and business owners who share your passion for personal development and leadership. Forge lifelong connections as you witness, support and inspire one another on this transformative journey.

BODHI'S EXPERT GUIDANCE: Benefit from Bodhi's wealth of knowledge and experience in Presence-based leadership. As your mentor and guide, Bodhi will teach you the three keys to embodied Presence, how to experience it, retain it and access it as a key part of your leadership and journey as a man.

Don't let another day pass by without taking the leap towards profound personal transformation. Invest in yourself and embark on a nature-based retreat that will reshape your perspective, empower your leadership skills, and awaken the vibrant, authentic version of yourself.

Your journey back to yourself starts here.


2-4 OCTOBER 2023

Arrive by 10am Monday 2nd October.

Depart after Lunch on Wednesday 4th October.

If you'd like to attend, please fill out the Application Form below and we'll contact you regarding availability.




SINGLE ROOMS: £1450 per person

TWIN-SHARE: £950 per person (double-bed)

TWIN-SHARE: £750 per person (single-bed)

Price includes accommodation, teaching and all meals*.

*Food will be catered onsite in the village kitchen and dietary restrictions can be accommodated, within reason. Please let us know your dietary requirements, if any.


Near Bath, England

A hand-crafted, off-grid Eco-Village nestled in the wild. Outside Bath and near Marshfield, off of the A420.



There are eight different rooms available - four Yurts, two Log Cabins, a Shepherd's Hut and a Cob House, all scattered within the woods.

There are three single rooms with double beds and seven twin-share rooms with either two single beds or a double bed and a single.

In your registration form, please indicate which type of room you would prefer and we'll do our best to accommodate your wishes (pending demand we may be able to increase the number of single rooms).





Single Room, Double Bed

In a lovely spot in a clearing on a small hill, making it the perfect place for star gazing. Outside there is a fire pit and chiminea. Due to the bed length, it is not suitable for men taller than 6'2".

£1450 pp


Single Room, Double Bed

With it’s magical living roof this cabin is the same internally as Waney Cabin having a double bed and woodburning stove and is accessed via a wooden staircase from the track.

£1450 pp


Single Room, Double Bed

Built up the side of the hill with a small staircase to reach the deck this cabin has a double bed and woodburning stove. It also has an outside deck.

£1450 pp


Twin Room, Double Bed + Single Bed

This classic Yurt is reached from a set of steps from the track and is set on a deck so you feel very much you are living in the trees. It has a wood burning stove, low double bed, and single bed.

£950 pp - double bed
£750 pp - single bed


Twin Room, Double Bed + Single Bed

With a long window and roof light, guests get lots of lovely views to the valley below and skies above. It has a decking area and an outdoor firepit.

£950 pp - double bed
£750 pp - single bed


Twin Room, Double Bed + Single Bed

Yurtup is closest to the village kitchen and perched above the main path through the village. Features a lovely roof light to gaze into the skies and trees above.

£950 pp - double bed
£750 pp - single bed


Twin Room, Two Single Beds

This is a beautiful traditional cob roundhouse situated at the far end of the camp, made with clay, sand and straw with a living roof and roof light. Internally it has two single beds and a stove and two decked areas.

£750 pp - single bed


Twin Room, Two Single Beds

This room ajoins two other Yurts, sat on a sun-deck in a woodland clearing. It features a shared living space, kitchen and private bathroom. Bodhi will be staying in the second yurt so you'll share the space with him.

£750 pp - single bed



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