5 OCTOBER 2023


A Nature-Based Experience for Men

Do you find yourself constantly in a place of distraction and have difficulty being present? Distraction is one of the ways we resist life which can lead to stress, overwhelm and disconnection. Would you rather a sense of flow, connection and joy in life?


A Nature-Based Journey from Distraction to Presence, Stress to Calm and Resistance to Flow...

If you’ve ever wondered what flow really means and how to bring it into all of your life, this is the day for you.

Flow is a state where you are fully immersed in the present moment with a feeling of energized focus, involvement and ease. Your whole being is involved, aware and present with what you are doing.

So often as men we can compartmentalise life into work, family, exercise, friendships... The possibility is to integrate it all and find flow through connection with nature, connection with yourself and connection with other men. Flow is the secret to true 'work/life balance'.

Most men in the western world live life through a lens of distraction and defensive armour which leads to resistance, disconnection and stress. The resistance holds you back from fully expressing yourself in all aspects of life and experiencing passion and joy.

The antidote to resistance is flow. If there is resistance, something isn’t flowing fully and through the practices of presence and connection with nature, you will be able to let go of any resistance, of any fear, of your armour and masks and experience a flow state. You can then take this experience into all areas of your life.

One of the areas where we often resist life is through the mental constructs and inner conversations we have with ourselves. The Inner Critic, the seeking mind and the controlling mind are all aspects that hold us back from fully experiencing life and being in the flow.

Through Bodhi’s ground-breaking integration of contemporary leadership development and the teaching of traditional wisdom you will experience a depth of understanding far beyond other workshops you’ve attended. Having sat with traditional teachers in many parts of the planet, Bodhi will help you connect with the land, become present and allow you to notice what’s driving your distraction, resistance and fear. 

Tim will bring the important aspects of our physical body and how we relate to nature as men. He will lead a small walk to the camp's lake for some breathwork, Qi gong and a brief dip as an introduction to the life-changing benefits of cold water. We'll then return for a fireside brew and discussions, leaning into the power of discomfort.

Spending time with a like-minded group of men enhances the transform process, allowing participants to relate and grow through witnessing each other's challenges and breakthroughs. This collective process enriches the experience beyond measure, fostering personal growth and a profound sense of connection.

This day retreat is specifically designed for male business owners and leaders who have a longing for more. A longing to become more Present with themselves, as Leaders, and with the ones they love. And a longing to experience greater connection, joy and flow in life.





Men need to remember their magnificence. Bodhi’s journey as a father, a grandfather, a lawyer, a coach and a facilitator has taken him across the world diving deep into traditional teachings and contemporary leadership development so that he could find his magnificence and bring those teachings to other men. Bodhi’s commitment to self-development, to life-long learning and to supporting men in business has allowed him to influence and support many organisations and leaders around the globe. As an elder, he guides men to develop presence, open their hearts, and unwind their minds so they can start paying attention to what matters most. Bodhi lives at the beach near Byron Bay with his wife of 40 years; has 4 children and 10 grandchildren. He is a best-selling co-author of the book, ‘Visionary Male Leaders’.



After 5 generations on the family farm, Tim broke with family tradition and moved to London and then Hong Kong for more exciting and rewarding work in advertising and then wine sales. However, as he experienced the world outside becoming more and more connected, it seemed to become increasingly disconnected, lonely and stressful. So, he headed back home in search of a better life. In rebuilding a new life on the family farm; reconnection with nature and simple living became the basis for his recovery and new enterprise, “Campwell farm”. This off-grid eco camp was created to inspire people to live more real, balanced and simpler lives. In 2020 he also co-founded Ice Breakers, a community of men who gather for cold water therapy and to improve their wellbeing and enjoyment of life. He is also a proud father of two – Minnie and Sonny.


5 OCTOBER 2023

8.30AM - 4.30PM

Please arrive by 8.15AM so we can begin the retreat at 8.30am sharp

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£250 per person

Price includes lunch and snacks throughout the day.

*Food will be catered onsite in the village kitchen and dietary restrictions can be accommodated, within reason. Please let us know your dietary requirements, if any.


Near Marshfield, England

A hand-crafted, off-grid Eco-Village nestled in the wild. Outside Bath and near Marshfield, off of the A420.