Answers to some of life's most essential questions...

For the last 20 years Bodhi has worked with many male business owners and leaders who are married with a mortgage and kids and common questions that come up for them include...

How do I improve the Masculine/Feminine dynamic at work?
How can I create a juicy long-term relationship with my beloved?
How do I stop worrying about money and become more abundant?
How can I be a more present, engaged parent?

To answer these essential life questions and give a taste of his work, Bodhi has created a variety of Short Online Courses. We hope you enjoy the Courses and they help improve and enrich your relationships, workplace and lives...


Far beyond gender, the Masculine and Feminine energies run through all of us and once we identify them, understand them and access them, we can bring so much more to our relationships; both at home and in the workplace.

This Course gives fundamental information and distinctions about how the masculine and feminine energies operate and also practical tools and tips.


What I know working with many men is one of the major points of tension for them in relationship is the challenge of parenting. Having had 4 children and 10 grandchildren with my beautiful wife Amala (who has studied and taught a lot about parenting), I know there are some simple tools and frameworks that can help you really embrace and enjoy the wonderful gift that parenting is.


COMING SOON...This course captures some of the key components about our relationship with money, about our relationship with abundance and manifestation. If you find yourself in any fear, any resistance, any lack of around money, the amount of money or the flow of money, this course is for you. The videos and the worksheets will show you not only the information that will help you; but some real key processes that will help you shift your relationship with money and be abundant!





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